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December 10, 2013

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale & It's Comic Counterparts... In GIF Form!

Ahhh... the magic of the Internet! What a great tool, especially for people who like to dot their I's and cross their T's as much as I do! Having read The Walking Dead comics and being an avid fan of the TV show I love the little differences and substitutions between the two. Things that happen to certain characters are swapped, story lines are co-mingled, and the overall narrative tends to blur from time to time.... but no matter what, the gist of the original story is conveyed and the show always circles back to the books origins. I am always interested to see when and where the writers on the show will come back to the original narrative when they deviate... especially since the creator/writer Robert Kirkman is so closely associated with the shows journey. Thanks to the good old folks at Reddit (and its original source location), we can give people who didn't read the original books a glimpse at where the original ideas for some key moments in this seasons mid-season finale started out from. Check out these 8 GIF images after the jump...

Another Joe Fletch contribution...

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