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What is CCD? Wow... where do I begin? I guess it would have to be with the beginning. This whole idea to create an online blog to chronicle the cool pop culture shit I come across in my life started as email correspondence between a small group of friends. This small circle of friends would constantly send each other links to stories around the web featuring cool ass stuff that they liked. Since we all had similar tastes and likes/dislikes as well as strong opinions, these threads of emails often total over 50 back & forth comments with everybody weighing in and debating their particular position. After a while, I realized that it was a shame that the whole world wasn't privy to these epic email conversations that were happening between my close knit group of friends. So i decided to bring these conversations to the world via Cultural Compulsive Disorder....

The concept is relatively simple. Anything from pop culture is fair game to appear on CCD. Anyone can contribute material to CCD. And everyone is encouraged to comment on posts to spark debate and conversation on CCD. That is what this whole wonderful site is all about. It's about having a forum to talk Movies, TV Shows, Comics, Commercials, Sneakers, Music... you name it, we talk about it. I handle the majority of the posting, but we have a huge list of contributors and tons of commentators that often make the columns a fun place to spend some time on the 'Net away from reality. We feature tons of original content, such as our "Obscure Hot Chick of the Day" column (we highlight lesser known beautiful actresses that are about to become break out stars) to Jeff Bond's wonderful "Lego Iconic" series that explores the wonderful world of Lego creations. Tommy Lombardozzi shares some of his awesome artwork with us in "Artin' It Up", and Brianna Melendez exposes us artists that we need to become familiar with in "Art Held In Contempt". James West helps us navigate the complex world of comic books in the "Comic Book Pull List" and Kristen Grillo keeps us up on the latest movie trailers in "Trailer Trash Talkin". We even have a foreign correspondent, Cal from the Cave of Cool, bringing us pop culture views all the way from the frozen tundra of Canada! Other contributors such as Jedi Rob Martin, Joey Esq, and Kate Jones all help to round out an awesome staff that makes this site one of the greatest on the web (at least I think so... fuck you if you don't agree!!!).

All in all, this is a site that is run by us because we feel like you want to read and comment on this cool stuff as well. I hope you enjoy the 3000+ articles we have in our archive and the over 25 new articles we bring you every week. Please become a follower of the site and make sure you comment frequently... the more you express yourself, the more we can cater material to our readers. You have a voice here at CCD. Make sure you express. it. I hope you enjoy our site... and I leave you with one simple question:


Mr. Mike D.
Creator/Contributor/Head Mofo In Charge

CCD Contributors:

Mike Devito (Creator/Contributor/Editor)
Jeffery Bond (Contributor/Editor)
Lockheed Lee (Web Designer)
Calvin 'Canadian Cal' Heighton (Contributor)
Brianna Melendez (Contributor)
James West (Contributor)
Jedi Rob (Contributor)
Joey ESQ (Contributor)
Kristen "KMG" Grillo (Contributor)
Tommy Lombardozzi (Contributor)