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February 25, 2013

Cereal Monsters by Phil Postma

I have been featuring a bunch of Phil Postma's art here on CCD, and I must make a disclosure. I do not know the man, and I have no hidden agenda when sharing his stuff. I do not make any money, and not using the posts to curry good favor from Phil, and don't know if any benefit will ever come of them. But I know one thing: The more I look through Postma's back catalog, the more unbelievable shit that I come across that I feel like I just have to share!!!! Take his Cereal Monsters collection for example. He did the 5 classic REAL cereal monsters (Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute, and Yummy Mummy), but he also added 7 of his own cereal creations that are just fantastic. You know how you know that they are good? Because not only id the art fantastic, but I actually would want to eat these fictional cereals! Check out all 12 after the jump....

The Classics:

Phil's Original Cereal Creations:

 Thanks to Cal from the Cave of Cool for putting me on to such a great artist!!!!


  1. Medussa Munchies would be my choice to try. They could put gummy worms in the cereal like I often do with my Corn Flakes.

  2. Love, love LOVE these! Why hadn't I ever thought of this?! So many Universal Movie Monsters deserve the coveted cereal box homage.