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February 25, 2013

Fresh Guacamole: An Oscar Nominated Animated Short Film

One of the highlights of Oscar season for me has to be the animated portion of the show. The academy chooses a short and long animated film as a winner every year, but rarely do the 10 nominees ever disappoint. This is especially true of the animated shorts. One of the shorts that stood out to me last night was Fresh Guacamole, a very cool claymation short that chronicles the very simple task of making a bowl of fresh guacamole. The only problem is that all the ingredients are inanimate objects, and they constantly morph into cooler things along the way. Very well thought out and executed, this is a great way to spend two minute of your day! It did not win (Pixar's Paperman won the short animated film award), but enjoy the complete short after the jump...

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