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August 16, 2012

Gallery 1988 Presents Crazy 4 Cult In NYC... And CCD Was There!!!

The CCD crew decided to venture into Manhattan and check out the Gallery 1988 art show Craxzy 4 Cult for ourselves on its opening night last week. It is a dope show, and my only knock on it was that it was in too small a space. People who were waiting to buy prints and pieces formed a line along one whole side of the gallery and prevented people from seeing that half of the show. But for the pieces that I did get a shot to see... all I can say is wow! There are some great pieces in the show, and I had to bust out the camera on my tablet to take some photos for all of you guys to see for yourself. It was crazy packed and hard to take pics, but I did my best. Not all of these will appear online (some are featured over at gallery 1988's website and many other sites like ours) so this might be the only chance you get to see it. The show runs through September, so try and get down to 64 Ganservoort St. and see the magnificent work for yourself. Check out my pics after the jump...

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