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August 16, 2012

Win A Pair Of ParaNorman Nikes By Proving How Weird You Were As A Kid

I love me a cross promotional contest, especially one that can net me a pair of sweet ass limited edition Nikes. The promotion I am referring to has to do with the release of the upcoming movie ParaNorman. Nike wants to see what weird pics you have from when you were a kid. All you have to do is Tweet that photo with the hashtag #WeirdWins and you will be entered in the contest to win one of the 800 pairs of ParaNorman Foamposites that feature sick details from the film. They are extremely unique and since Foamposites are super popular and these are so limited they will probably fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market. You can click here to see all the details about the contest over on the Nike page and you can see some detailed pics after the jump...

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