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July 2, 2012

The Red Band Trailer For 'The Man With The Iron Fists' Is Eye Popping... Literally!!!!

The Wu Tang Clan are one of my all time favorite rap groups, and here at CCD we usually spend Wednesdays celebrating the greatness of the Wu (even though I have fallen off lately). But like any group in the music business they have peaked and the members are off doing other things. Quite a few of the members have crossed over to the acting profession, with Method Man & Rza leading the charge. But while Mr. Meth has gotten into a plethora of projects both big & small, Rza has scored some key roles in HUGE movies like American Gangster, Funny People, and Tarantino's next hit Django Unchained. These huge films have lead him to forming some awesome friendships with the likes of Russell Crowe & Tarantino himself, and when Rza decided to step behind the camera himself to direct a movie he got the proverbial 'help from his friends'! His first film is entitled 'The Man With The Iron Fists', which sounds like it was the title of an older Wu Tang song. He got his pal Russell Crowe along as the star, got QT as the producer, and even plucked some Tarantino regulars in Lucy Liu & Eli Roth to help make the film awesome. The final step was to make the action/fight scenes larger than life, as any fan of the Wu knows that the guys love in their movies. Rza seems to have nailed this aspect if nothing else. This is the red band trailer for the film, so that means uneditted for content. But instead of nudity, expect to see some eye popping fighting... literally! Check the trailer out after the jump....

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