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July 2, 2012

Darn Dirty Grape Ape by Captain Ribman

I love all my peoples, especially the people associated with CCD. I am always scouring the Net for things to post here on CCD, but whenever I see cool shit on the Internet that others really love I usually grab them to post as well. This happened last night when I was perusing the eclectic blog Electronic Cerebrectomy. In one of his fan art roundups he posted an excellent mash up of Grape Ape & Planet of the Apes by Captain Ribman. Excellent execution and very well thought out, a perfect example on how you should go about performing a mash up of two properties. I also like that Grape Ape is a bit more obscure in comparison to Planet of the Apes. I know my main man Jeff Bond will love this one!!!! Catch the full picture after the jump...

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