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December 23, 2011

CCD Presents: An American Horror Story Infographic...Know Your Entities!!!

With the season finale of the weirdest show on TV finally aired, we here at CCD thought you may need a little visual guide to help you understand how everyone relates to each other. So the gang came up with this handy dandy American Horror Story Infographic to help out just a bit. Consider it an early christmas present from us here at CCD to all of you. Click after the jump to see the full chart...

Special shout out and thanks to my brother Joe Fletch for putting this thing together, and Jeff Bond for supplying & double checking all the facts for us. Thanks to Lock for the banner. Me myself (Mike D) had absolutely nothing to do with this other than posting it... the genius belongs to these guys above!!!

Please leave us some feedback and comments below... if you guys like this sort of thing, maybe we can get more of these made in the future.... let us know!!!

Update: Here is the link to the full size version of the image. Enjoy!


  1. Now that I have saved the first season I will watch them all with your quide right next to me. You've done a man's work, sirs. Hope you all have a happy Christmas.

  2. Thanks Cal! Don't use this guide right from the beginning, there are spoilers in it!

  3. you forgot purple line between patrick and chad