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December 6, 2010

Like! Like? Volume #5

With all of the buzz around who may be the next Nolan casted 'Dark Knight' co-star, was abuzz with this unattributed work the posits CCD favorite Neil Patrick Harris as the next incarnation of Edward Nigma himself...'The Riddler' and noticeably Phillip Seymour Hoffman has made top 'Penguin' I presume. This work remains unattributed since it's probably been bouncing around since the first installment of Nolan's film trilogy. If you know who this creative son of a gun is...please feel free to let us, at CCD, know!

Justin Hillgrove has some chibi styled art over at his page that I dug. From 'Lord of the Rings' magic...

To a this great villain Birthday party....

Then he has this Star Wars Wampa getting his just desserts!....

...and these Star Wars Jawas getting there's!

***Please clcik Read more below to see more of Jeff Bond's "Like! Like?" Vol 5***

Artist Christopher Lee has more He-Man villains for you buck in his piece 'Mr. Villains Class of 1983'
Can you name 'em all?

Art attributed to both Guillermo Casas and Juan Pablo Figueroa  looks to be inspired by everyones favorite new series of the season. AMC's 'Walking Dead' based on the comics by Robert Kirkman

While we're on the topic of AMC's ubdead. I spotted this one tumblin' around on tumblr a few weeks ago. Simple yet iconic.

If you can't pick out one of your favorite childhood cartoons from this grand collage by well known artist Jeffrey Scott Campbell. Than I'm not sure I like the generation you're from. How 'bout that!? Just kidding, but Im sure there's a little something in this one for everyone. Where else do you see 'Care Bears' and 'Voltron' sharing a page?

I borrowed this one by Jason Chalker from, a neat place for daily cultural happenings. I'm sure I'm comfotable with the way it makes me feel about one of the dolls made famous from Disney's Toy Story 2 and 3, Jesse!

This one was over at tumblr as well. It's dubbed 'Magnificent Seven' and is a old western X-Men project.

Matt Sinowicz a lot of fun art over at his Deviant Art page but, this one is, by far, favorite. 'Staypuft 2010' as a fun look to it...and speaking of 'look' if you LOOK closely you'll see a well known time traveling DeLorean about to either get transported to another time marshmallowy squashed or

Quick, before it's too late, pick a side between Godzilla or The Transfomers! Matt Frank...or Kaiju Samurai as he's know on the Deviant Art site gives us a view into this hypothetical epic battle!

Speaking of 'epic' how about this work by Deviant Art contributor, Sharpwriter, which throws the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, atop this 'Cabella's Dangerous Hunts' Grizzly bear and call it a day with machine gun for good measure. Totally plausible! Enjoy both color print and aged amber parchment versions.

Here's a few more works from Sharpwriter...
'Rocksteady' and 'Raphael' both of '..Ninja Turtles' fame

....and the original green menace....The Incredible Hulk!

Looks like the terrorist organization, COBRA, is at it again trying to recruit soldiers in it's quest fro world domination in this commissioned propaganda poster by Tom Whalen for the new HUB cable channel.

Found this over at NCOTB (That stands for No Cats on the Blog ...sorry Cal!) Pretty simple my personal favorite James Bond, Roger Moore, Jedi style!

Tom Isaksen has taken CGI imagery to a whole new level! I'd originally thought this was a tangible sculpture of the great 'Skeletor' of Eternia but have come to find out that it's a fully realized computer generated image. What detail! Unbelievable!

This bit of performance art photography was sent to me by someone who wants to remain nameless. I hope for Ronald's sake that it's a forgery and not true to life!

Andy Poon (yeah, you heard me) has got this wonderful animated 'He-man and Kitty' on display on his contribution page. "By the power of Greyskull!'

Jesus Christ! I just cannot get enough of the 'Fighting JC' toy line for sale by Ashley Wood over on Ebay. They're ALMOST enough to put me back in the pews on Sunday...ALMOST!

I like this 'Lion-O' rendition by Brazilian artist, Ugo Santana. "Thunder...thunder...Thundercats...." 

I saved, what I feel is, the best for last with a Batman designed by Darko Hanzig. This might just be about THE coolest Dark Knight I've ever laid eyes on. Can you think of one better?

That's about it for this installment of art gracing the pages of the interwebs this month. Join me next time as I take a look at a few more and give the artists there due. If you like what you see, feel free and give the artists themselves a shout out and tell them CCD sent ya. Maybe you'll even be able to score a print for your own personal collection!

Like! Like?


  1. Whoa! What an extraordinary month for Like! Like?

    NPH potentially in the new Batman! Jessie looking hot! Rocksteady rocking a Wu-Tang belt buckle! Bond as a Jedi! (Roger Moore is also my favorite James Bond! Weird!) Zombie Ronald! Fighting JC! And an amazing looking Batman!

    Jeff you have outdone yourself this Like! Like?

  2. Thanks, Joe. I put a lot of time an energy into these great finds each month. Glad you like them.