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November 6, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #31 - Famous Pop Culture Beasts In Honor of 'The New World Bestiary' Art Show

We here at CCD love getting behind a great idea, so when we found out that fellow compatriot and contributor to the CCD Podcast Joe Milazzo was hosting another one of his awesome art shows I knew I had to share it with all you guys... but we decided to take it ONE STEP FURTHER and do A WHOLE PODCAST EPISODE on the show's topic!!! Join Jedi Rob Martin, Joe 'Beware The Beast Man' Milazzo, and John LaMacchia as they discuss famous 'Beasts' in Pop Culture. The art show is entitled The New World Bestiary: A Compendium of Creatures Lost & Imagined, so the gang talk about which beasts will be making appearances in the show and counterparts that they have had throughout pop culture history! A very cool podcast, in lieu of a pretty cool art show. Lots of great artists in this one, including CCD's own Tommy Lombardozzi! Oh, and there will be LIVE MUSIC TOO! If you are in the Brooklyn area, please make your way over to St. Vitus Bar in Greenpoint for the show, starting at 6 PM. All info can be found by clicking here to the Facebook Event page and after the jump for the full show flyer...

One of the topics that came up in our discussion was the arcade classic "Dragon's Lair." Here's a little video from one of our past articles showcasing the frustratingly difficult nature of the game.

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