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October 31, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #30.5 - Cabin in the Woods Mini Movie Review or 'Watch This... The Best Original Horror Movie In The Last 20 YEARS!!!"

So a perfect bow on the month of October here at CCD would have to be a ".5" episode honoring what Rob & I feel like is one of the best original horror movies of the last 20 years... Cabin In The Woods! Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon drive home a great film, and we thought we needed to bring it up to give the movie it's proper due. Just a nice little way to wrap up the 2014 All Horror Week here at CCD, and an excuse to watch one of the great horror movies of not only the last 20 years but possibly the next 20 years... Whedon, I am your slave!!!! Enjoy the podcast after the jump, and head over to Itunes so you can Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE on your favorite form of social media... Happy Halloween folks!!!

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