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November 6, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The Show Floor Of The 2014 NY Comic Con - Artist 'SpaceWolf' And His Unreal Woodwork!!!

While we were cruising the show floor at the 2014 NY Comic Con we are always on the lookout for cool booths, and when we passed by the SpaceWolf booth on the edge of The Block we got just that. Awesome wood carved art... and a crazy vintage spacesuit to boot? Yup, the look and aesthetic of the booth got me to approach it from across the way. Then once I met the proprietor and struck up a conversation with him I was really intrigued. Original wood carved art, hand made in Brooklyn NY, and all pieces limited to a run of just 50 laser engraved pieces with the original being destroyed after? Yup, this was an interesting booth to say the least. The work was unreal, so pinpoint accurate and fine in the line work. And the subject material was quite awesome too... vintage spacemen, sea monsters, crazy flying ships, and all types of shit that we truly love fill the pieces that SpaceWolf has created. After the show, I went over to his website and saw even more cool ass pieces he has to offer... and some of those were much more pop culturally related. Chtulu and Battle Royale? Yeah, this is the exact way I like my art! They also create things like IPhone wood skins, laser engraved moleskin journals, and even necklaces & other jewelry. But the coolest part was helping to support the dissemination of a fellow Brooklynites fantastic artwork to a wider audience, which was truly our pleasure. Make sure you head over to SpaceWolf's website, and check out their cool ass Instagram by clicking here.   Check out some samples of his work and the video of us interviewing him live from the show floor after the jump...

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