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July 29, 2014

Could This Have Been/ Be The Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds Movie We Missed Out On?

Man oh man, If it is than we have gotten the hose. If Ryan Reynolds is anything, it is dedicated. Even after being turned into the biggest joke of a character in Wolverine: Origins anyone in the history of comic book movies has had to endure, he is willing to don the Deadpool mask in a full on feature. Why? I have no idea... after the way the character was treated I wouldn't trust them. But anytime he is asked about the possibility of the movie he mentions he would love to do it. I find this weird, but I always thought he was perfect for the Merc With A Mouth. Now immediately following Comic Con we get some conveniently "leaked" test footage of what could have been capable with Reynolds under the red hood... and you know, with a mouth to wise crack away would be cool too. All in all, great stuff. Even Rob Liefeld himself co-signed the authenticity of the video. In his Tweet rampage yesterday Liefeld said that Reynolds shot the whole scene mo-cap and then had the suit layered over it in post. So it is actually real. Check it out after the jump.... we can all dream, right?

Thanks to the Replica Prop Forum on FB for the video.

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