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July 29, 2014

You See... Michael Bay Isn't So Bad, He Is A Perfectionist !!!

You gotta love The Onion. Those guys know how to exploit a situation. When the 2014 SD Comic Con rolled around people from every news outlet, both reputable and unreasonable, flocked to Cali to cover it. But while all of these people were trying to gets scoops, attend panels, and  be the first ones with some sort of "news"... The Onion just does what it does best: Make shit up that sounds good enough to fool people to be true!!! First they leaked a great story about a new "Green Goblin" that would be left handed... and people all thought it was true. Then they outdid even themselves... they created this amazing behind the scenes documentary that captures the in depth nature that Michael Bay goes to in ensuring that everything is factually correct in any films he is associated with. Everything... down to the turtle cocks in his newly produced TMNT film!!!! Hol-y SHIT, this is amazing!!! And they even had to CGI the fake dongs in order for the footage for the faux behind the scenes feature... which means the footage is in fact REAL (if you follow my logic anyway...). Yup, this is great. The Onion, never stop being the best at what you do....

Comic-Con Exclusive: Michael Bay Gives Fans Sneak Peek At Ninja Turtles’ Hyper-Realistic CGI Genitals

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