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February 10, 2014

Is Keyzer Soze John Doe? Is John Doe Keyzer Soze? A Video Explanation By Tony Stark

The Usual Suspects & Se7en were two classic movies that were released in 1995 and share a few key components. Most notably the villain in both films is played by a relatively young in his career actor, Kevin Spacey. Up until that point Spacey had been a supporting bit actor in a few TV shows & movies, but after 1995 he became a much sort after commodity. Both films were created by promising young directors (Bryan Singer on The Usual Suspects, David Fincher on Se7en) early on in their careers, and both featured twisting plots that ultimately lead to dramatic final act twist of events. Epic final act twists... the kind that are legendary in the film industry. Also the kind that pretty much can't exist anymore due to the Internet and the instant fact sharing culture that we live in. So even though the films shared a star and young visionary directors, could they possibly be related in some way? Videoographer Tony Stark put together a rather interesting theory video over on his Vimeo page and for a fan of either (or both) films is a worthy watch. Is it a bit of a stretch and maybe slightly far fetched? Sure... but it is fun nonetheless. Enjoy the video after the jump....

Thanks to Johnny from FearNet (You will always be Johnny from Freddy In Space to me!):

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