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February 10, 2014

The Super Mario Brothers Music Done Via Violin ? An Excellent Tribute To The Classic Video Game....

I have a very cool group of Facebook friends that often share a ton of cool things that appeal to my eclectic nerd sensibilities. But every once and a while I get taken by surprise with a share from someone I don't expect it to come from. A friend of mine Cait shared a fellow friends video post in which a young Asian man armed with a violin stands in front of a TV and cues up Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo. The OG version... and then proceeds to use his extreme talents & the solo violin skills to replicate EVERY SINGLE sound in the games first three levels. It is insane how exact he is, down to the brick breaking noise and coin reception sounds. Wow, extremely well done. Thanks for the share Cait.... check out this insane video after the jump...


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