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April 2, 2013

Tuesday Triple Play From Sean Hartter

I love it when my boy Sean Hartter is productive, and boy has he been in the last few days. He has posted a ton of new pieces over at his website, but these three stand out as my faves. First up we get a neon version of Neil Blomkamp's District 9. Great colors on this one. Next up we get a classic mash-up of two great characters I would love to see clash, Conan & Godzilla. Imagine the war that would take place between teh great Gojira and Arnie? It would be epic! And finally we get a very cool faux VHS box art for Prometheus, which once again proves my point that Prometheus is a fucking Alien Prequel!!!! Damn you Jeff Bond... damn you to hell!!! Check out all of Sean's work by clicking here, and check out the three posters after the jump...

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