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April 2, 2013

Taxi Driver: A Video Essay by Zade Constantine

I am a big fan of the Internet, as anyone who follows this blog can tell. But one of my favorite things about the 'Net is the amount of content that you can find on a variety of topics. You no longer have to work for a publication or have had one of your books published to have people see your thoughts and opinions on things... no, you can just post it up on the 'Net for all to see. One of my favorite topics is movies, and I have been finding a bunch of video essays posted online about some of my favorite films. One of the best that I have come across has come from Zade Constantine, and deals with the seminal Scorsese classic Taxi Driver. If you are a fan of the film, Scorsese, or excellent film critiques than this is the best way you can spend 9 minutes of your day. Great content... check out the full video after the jump.

A Video Essay on Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver from Zade Constantine on Vimeo.

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