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April 2, 2013

'Your're Next' Finally Gets A Trailer... Well I'm Officially Scared As Shit, Thanks A Bunch!!!

I have been following the progress of the indie horror film 'You're Next' for quite sometime. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival two years ago, and I was instantly drawn to it due to the cooky animal masks that the murders in the film wear. It bounced around looking for distribution, and seems to have finally gained some traction with a recent SXSW screening and official release date of August 23rd. In the past week we got some great character posters, and now we are finally treated to a trailer. I for one can't fucking wait for this film, as it seems to be in the vein of The Strangers (one of my favorite recent horror films). So without any further wait, enjoy the full on trailer after the jump...

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