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February 4, 2013

Jeff Bond's Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Guess who'S bizzack???? My main man Jeff Bond took some time out of his busy schedule to send me some thoughts on his favorite commercials of the Super Bowl this year. he has picked some winners... so get in there, after the jump, and see the ones he liked the best! His top 5 (plus 2 extra) make for some interesting viewing. Catch them after the jump...

Oreo Cookie 'Whisper Fight' - Bookworms get into a war of words over which is the best part of the Oreo cookie

Toyota Rav 4 'Wish Granted' - Kaley Cuoco is a genie who grants individual wishes to a family of four...each with a twist!

Doritoes 'Fashionista Daddy' - A father and his sportster pals get suckered into a princess party with his young daughter.

'Leon Sandcastle' - Deon Sanders hits the NFL draft circuit in disguise.

Time Warner Cable Walking Dead 'Clean Up' - A mom does the household chores around her own personal zombie apocalypse.

KIA 'Babylandia' - A father tries to soften the tale of where babies come from for his inquisitive child.

Tide 'Miracle Stain' - 49ers fan becomes a local celebrity when the salsa stain on his jersey bears a striking resemblance to a certain Hall of Fame quarterback.

Hope you enjoyed them all....

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  1. I'd totally plunk down 15 bucks to see a live-action 'Babylandia' movie!...just sayin'