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February 4, 2013

Mike D's Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

I have a longstanding tradition of being a monstrous football fan, so the Super Bowl is always really important to me regardless of who the teams playing are. But lets be honest. As a pop culture junkie and TV aficionado extraordinaire, I am also a huge fan of the TV commercials that accompany the game as well. I am going to share my faves with you from this year, in no particular order. All the commercials were great, but these are the ones that stood out to me... enjoy my picks after the jump!

Hyundai Santa Fe - Team - Some bullies steal a kids ball and tell him to get some back up if he wants it back... and when he comes back, things get interesting!

Dorito - Goat For Sale - Guy gets a pet goat that eats Doritos, and its a dream come true... or is it? - Wolf - Things go very smooth while purchasing a car for a couple, so the dealer helps them with some complications...

Volkswagen - Get Happy - VW taps reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and some of the maddest people to ever be in viral videos to come on and get happy with the cars of VW....

Two Broke Girls Spectacular - Promo - A sexy commercial with the 2 Broke Girls... for no reason!

Mio Fit - Tracy Morgan 'Change' - Tracy Morgan extolling the history of change in America

NFL - Leon Sandcastle - Neon Deon Sanders shows the rookies he still got it...

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