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February 4, 2013

Spider & Bear: Two Excellent Short Films by Nash Edgerton

I am always a fan of short films, mostly due to the part that they can be powerful and poignant in a very short period of time. Usually less than 20 minutes long, they can give you more than a feature film for the viewer because there is no down time. Nash Edgerton (brother of the great young actor Joel) is a actor, stunt man, and burgeoning director... and he has dazzled with his shorts in the past. Spider came out in 2007 and was an instant favorite of mine. So when I saw the continuation of the story in Edgerton's newest short, Bear, I immediately knew I should share both with the CCD readers so that they can see them for themselves. Great short films that make their mark despite totaling less than 25 minutes to watch both. You will thank me after. Catch them both after the jump...



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