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January 31, 2013

Proof That There Is A God: Dana Delany

I have been watching the 1993 western classic Tombstone over and for the past few weeks because it has been playing like crazy on HBO. I was immediately transported back to 1993, in my families Queens home, watching my illegal cable box. This magic box gave us all the pay per view movies we could watch, and basically they would make 3 movies available at a time on three channels and just loop them repeatedly. I must have watched Tombstone a billion times that two weeks when it was on Pay Per View. It is such a great movie. One of the all around greatest casts in movie history. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday is amazing. Michael Biehn as Johnny Ringo. The shoot outs. The wild west settings. Billy FUCKING Zane & Brandon Walsh!!!!! But the one thing that always stuck out to me was the sexy actress Josephine Marcus that comes to Tombstone with Billy Zane, the lovely actress known as Dana Delany. What a sexy lady. Class personified. She would go on to have a long career behind the animated camera (she was often the voice of Lois Lane in DC animated films of the 90s/00s) and in front of the TV/Movie cameras as well (Exit to Eden, China Beach, Desperate Housewives, Body of Proof). I always loved that sexy lady... so here are a few shots to remember just how beautiful she really is!!!!


  1. I too love Tombstone. Agreed 100% on the cast being FANTASTIC!

    I remember doing a presentation in St. Francis Prep about the soundtrack relating to some BS story we were reading in English class. Stupid. I wish I still had the soundtrack.

    Oh yeah, she's smokin' hot!

  2. Just watched it too. I always thought Dana was/is a Queen.

  3. The eyes make all the difference , once a gal has such a great body . Regarding Desperate Housewives , Dana definitely stole the show season four in the sheer sexiness department ; Eva Longoria didn't come close !