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February 22, 2013

Hoth Gets Relocated To A Guy Named Barry's Living Room!!!

Barry must live alone, because if he had a wife or significant other she would never let him get away with this.  Barry is a huge Star Wars fan, and he has decided to use all 140 square feet of his living room to build a 3-D diorama of the Battle of Hoth from Empire Strikes Back. I am barely allowed to have my comic long boxes in the basement... so there is no way his lady would allow this to go down in her living room!!!! Either way this is an enormous undertaking, and is absolutely fantastic. My dude got snow speeders, At-Ats, Rebel and Imperial fighters, various other space ships and battle machinations, and much more. It even has Vader choking out a Rebel X-Wing pilot... could it be Luke himself? This is just so amazing, and a true testament to what it is to be a real deal Star Wars super fan. Enjoy some phenomenal pics after the jump, and show your man Barry some love over at his Facebook page...


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I actually built this diorama FOR my wife of 25+ years, with her full permission. If you're having trouble doing something like this, you may be using the wrong brand of chloroform. Just kidding about the last part.
    The Vader choking pilot pic was just a concept. I thought this is something he would have done on his way into the Rebel base. More of an interrogation piece.

    Thanks again,
    Barry Riddle
    Zipidi Doodah on FB
    Tojoyomamoto on Youtube
    R1bb1t on some forums

    1. My apologies Barry!!!! Congrats on finding the dream woman... by dream woman I mean any woman who will let... wait, let me rephrase that... REQUEST that you build something so freaking awesome!!! Your actions are legendary and will always have a forum here on CCD! Please continue to follow us!!!!