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February 22, 2013

Djesus Uncrossed

I have not watched much Saturday Night Live over the past few years, but I do often check out show highlights when there is a guest host or musical guest I like. So this past week when Christoph Waltz was the host, you just knew there was going to be some sort of Tarantino themed skit. I had no idea it would be as fantastic as the faux trailer for Djesus Unchained, another revisionist history movie in the vein of Django Unchained and Inglourious Bastards. Absolutely spot on, from the patented Tarantino fonts & credit styles, the music, and the impressions of QT staple actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt, and Ving Rhames. I also love the fact that he is nailed to a cross the whole skit!!!! Check it out after the jump....


  1. This made the show. It has been a horribly mediocre SNL much of this season but bits like this give me hope.

  2. This bit was decent. The show was a bit of a let-down from the greatness I thought Waltz' presence would inspire. Besides Seth Meyers news, this season has been a let down all around for me.