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October 22, 2012

CCD Meets Sean Hamilton,... Live In Artist Alley @ The 2012 NY Comic Con

So in my travels down the aisles of the 2012 NY Comic Con I saw lots of very unique art. But few were able to execute a high concept like my man Sean Hamilton. Sean is an artist that mashes up classic pop culture characters with some of the dopest sneakers on the planet earth... and sometimes even out of this world (see the R2-D2 x Galaxy Foamposite mashup!). Lots of guys do Mario art, but who puts Mario into a pair of Air Jordan 11's to kick some Koopa Troopa ass? Leave that to my man Sean. Sean is a sneaker head like myself, with over three hundred pairs in his personal collection, and he is including all of the best Nike & the like has to offer with some of the most recognizable characters in your life. Michonne from Walking Dead checks in with some Air Jordan 1's on. Walter White gets the Wu Tang Wallabee Clarke treatment. Storm bust out some fresh Yeezy 2s. The possibilities never really end... You need to head over to Sean's page (click here) and order some prints asap, cause all of them are of a limited variety. You can also click after the jump to see the full video interview we recorded with Sean and my favorite pieces of his work. From one sneaker head to another, keep up the good work Sean... see you at the sneaker shop!!!

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