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October 22, 2012

Remember The Time Comic Legend Neal Adams Made My Comic Con?

Neal Adams has been a comic book legend since before I ever picked up my first issue of a comic. Ever since hsi first big time cover of The Brave & the Bold #75 Adams has been slaying some of the best characters comics have with his inspired designs. From way back in the early 1970s Adams has been the artist that most people associate with Batman, but he has done so much more work that it is laughable to only consider him a Batman artist. Deadman, X-Men, Superman, Green Arrow... Neal has skilled them all. As a true fan of 70s and 80s comics (I was raised on 'em), I always loved Adams's art. So when I got a chance to meet the man personally at this years NY comic Con, I damn near fainted. Just the prospect of shaking hands with the man responsible for some of my favorite comic artwork ever blew my mind... but the fact that he was going to sign a few items of mine to boot? Yup, that was almost to much to take in.

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When I walked over to the table, I was escorted by my fiance's uncle Jimmy. He is a NYPD detective who happens to be a huge comic fan as well. He also happens to know Mr. Adams personally. So when we walked over and Adams wife Marilyn came running over to greet us. She warmly welcomed us into the booth and Jimmy began talking to Neal. I had a copy of my Green Hornet #1 to be signed by Adams, but I was taken by his prints and just knew that I needed to get my hands on some Adams Batman work. So I picked up a cool print of his that featured The Joker prominently.

What a great print!

So great! I picked it up and went to pay Marilyn, but she refused my money. She said that Jimmy was like family to them and that I wouldn't be paying for anything. Wow... instead of just getting an autograph I was getting a free 11 x 14 print and a chance to chat with one of my heroes! This worked out much better than I could have expected.


Adams chatted me up for a few minutes and I was taken aback by just how nice and pleasant he was. Not that I expected him to be rude or anything... but when you are being accosted by hundreds & thousands of comic book fans, you would expect a certain level of annoyance. But not Neal... he was like a kid in candy store. he truly loves drawing and creating comics, and loves to talk about it even more. I could see the joy he had talking about all the work he has done and I could see how happy it made him to see someone like me completely enamored with meeting him. I offered to pay for the print again, and was promptly scolded by Marilyn for the third time. What great people...

Green Hornet #1 signed by Neal

The final thing that blew my mind was that Neal congratulated me on choosing to bring him an issue of Green Hornet as opposed to his usual Batman related products. He said something along the lines of 'I love signing Batman stuff... it is some of my alltime favorite work. But when someone brings something like this (referring to my Green Hornet #1) for me to sign, it makes me even happier!'. Wow. I love getting statements like that directed at me from one of my all time favorite comic creators. Thanks for making my Comic Con a memorable one Neal...

The man, the myth, the legend... and Neal Adams! 

Also, as a slight aside, Neal Adams son Josh had a small table set up on the side. Josh draws the IDW Dr. Who comic and his art is fantastic. Not like that was to be unexpected... he is Neal Adams son after all. Since Marilyn wouldn't let me spend any money on Neal's stuff, I decided to monetarily take care of Josh instead. I purchased a couple of the Dr. Who books that Josh had available at his table and he was kind enough to personalize them for me. What a good family of artists doing something they love. All in all, one of the best memories of my comic book collecting life.

Thanks Josh!!!!

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