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October 23, 2012

Tommy Interviews Epyon 5 On The Floor Of The 2012 NY Comic Con

Art comes in many shapes and forms, and many of them are represented on the floor of the NY Comic Con. When an artist like Tommy is taken aback by the originality of someones work, I immediately begin to pay attention. This was the case when we walked past Epyon 5's, aka Michael Jones, booth at the 2012 show. Epyon uses old comics, stencils, and spray paint to create some amazing pieces of art that have a distinct style all their own. What was truly interesting was that Jones has some insane techniques on developing his pieces, all of which are revealed in Tommy's kick ass interview after the jump. You can buy Epyon's work by clicking here, and check out all of his work on his Deviant Art page by clicking here. I also included a few of the really cool designs after the video for your enjoyment. Another fun find from the floor of NY Comic Con!!!!

And here are a few of our faves from Epyon 5's collection of great work:

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