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October 24, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 Tommy Interviews the Creators of Creepyville

Whenever we are making the rounds on the Comic Con floor we are always trying to come up with cool and exciting things to share with you guys. You know... kind of take you into the actual floor of the show for all of you guys who can't get here and provide you with a window into some of the more cooler hard to find things. Welcome To Creepyville and it's creator Richard Gurnsey fit this profile to a T. Gurnsey came up with the crazy concept of this creepy old man that loves dressing up his cats... yup, I just wrote that... and he does all the art and animation that goes into the web series. There are a bunch of episodes over on Youtube (you can click here to get toe the Welcome to Creepyville official page) for you to enjoy, and you gotta check out the always candid Tommy visiting the Creepyville booth on the showroom floor. Check it out after the jump...

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