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October 24, 2012

FrankEinstein by Mr. Whaite

I love this time of year because this is when all the creative types start busting out horror themed pieces. One of my favorite Internet finds has to be Mr. Whaite's Tumblr, which is always chock full of dope images. He specializes in neon sign type art (the kind that switches up a pic after three seconds), but he also comes with some straightforward pieces that are dope as well. Look at his take on Frankenstein's monster as an example... he mashes it up with Albert Einstein to create FrankEinstein, which is actually a movie I would love to see. I have seen version of the Frankenstein story where the monster is intelligent, but if he was the smartest man on the planet? Yeah, that would be insane. Check out the mashup after the jump....


  1. 23,823 people liked that illustration over on the Facebook page, "I F*cking Love Science" when it was posted on there Thursday for a bit of Halloween inspiration. The illustration was not credited to you, unfortunately.