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October 24, 2012

Monster Roll - A Short Film That Is Large On Sushi Monsters & Fun

When I was a kid I was blessed with having a bunch of teenagers around to help guide my pop culture likes and dislikes. I had my boy Rob that worked for my Mom in her flower shop who gave me 3 milk crates of comics including 80 issue runs of both Uncanny X-Men & The Avengers. Another worker at my mom's store, a kid named Happy, took me to buy my first hip hop records at 8 years old (I bought the Self Destruction posse cut 12'' single and The Great Adventures of Slick Rick on vinyl . My sisters friends like Frankieboy & Dennis C (Rest in Peace kiddo) taught me how to wear some cool gear. But one thing always stuck with me from my early years, and that was what a kid named Mike O'Brien exposed me to.

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Mike O'Brien lived next door to my grandmother on 113th st in Ozone Park and was obsessed with Asian culture. Mikey hooked it up and exposed me to Bruce Lee & Godzilla flicks, bootleg Japanese Spider Man live action shows, and most importantly Ultraman. Ultraman was a robot hero who fought Kaiju, or giant sized Japanese Monsters (similar to Godzilla). These were the precursor to things like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I was into them right off the bat. So when I came across the short film Monster Roll, a sushi Kaiju themed monster movie, I was immediately back in Mike O'Brien's house watching Ultraman all over again... albeit instead of robots fighting the monsters we get sushi chefs instead!!!! Wow, what a blast from the past. After you watch the film below, make sure you head over to the Monster Roll homepage to see lots of behind the scenes stuff that the crew has shared with all of you to learn more about the making of this film. Great job guys. I am never ordering a Monster Roll from the take out sushi again!!!!

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.


  1. You can imagine that with my hated of the cephalopod that I would be all over this. Reminds me a bit of Big Man Japan - another squirrelly Japanese movie that will make your head explode.

    1. I just saw that you posted this over at your page Kal. Nice! My boy sent it to me the other day and I sat on it for All Horror Week. I was gonna shoot it over to you... lol!