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June 5, 2012

Prometheus: The 50s Version by Josh Calvert (???)

Prometheus comes out this week and not a moment to soon, because I can't possibly dodge any more featurettes and trailers featuring clips from the movie. WTF Ridley... leave something to the imagination!!!! Anyway, I am beginning to get kinda hype and then I ran across this gem of a mystery poster. Damon Lindeloff, 'Lost' & 'Prometheus' writer extraordinaire, re-tweeted the poster. Apparently somebody named Josh Calvert sent it to him. But Josh Calvert's account only had that one tweet & has one of those goofy egg things as a avatar (usually a sign that the account is a fake one), so I am not sure it was him that really designed it. I saw the poster on a few other blogs, but with no formal credits. So if it was you Mr. Calvert, great job. This has a very 'Planet of the Vampire' feel to... and I love me some Bava! So enjoy the poster after the jump...

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