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June 7, 2012

Take A Peek Into The World Of 'Wreck It Ralph'

'Wreck It Ralph' is Disney's newest foray into the original animation market, and it looks pretty great. For those of you guys who have never heard of the movie, it revolves around a villain in a classic video game who has had enough of being the bad guy. So he leaves his familiar game world and goes on to try his hand at being good for a change... and he is voiced by John C Reilly!!! I am loving the fact that Disney licensed a bunch of classic game characters (watch the trailer and you will see some doozy cameos in there!!!) for the flick and it looks fun. Plus it is going to shine a light on the coin-op era of arcades, which was the late 70s/early 80s and some of the best years of my life!!! This one kicks off the 2012 Holiday season when it comes out on November 2nd. Enjoy the trailer after the jump.

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