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February 2, 2012

Sean Hartter Takes On Super Punch!!!

Running this blog has allowed me to post lots of great images and artistic creations, and at the same time allowed me to become friendly with some really cool people. One of those cool kids is artist Sean Hartter. I have posted many of Hartter's creations, mostly because they are absolutely fucking awesome. But it makes it a lot easier when the person who creates the art is super humble and comes correct every time. Need more proof of this? As a thank you to the awesome blog Super Punch for running his work continuously, Hartter created  one of his faux movie posters featuring the trademark Super Punch Chimera menacing a city in the style of Godzilla. That's pretty cool in my book. I just got one question for ya Sean: When do Jeff Bond & I get our CCD tribute piece??? We are waiting... hahahaha! Check out the full Super Punch piece after the jump...


  1. See kids, take that as a lesson! When you want something (like I want an original Hartter piece for CCD!) you just speak up and things get done!!! Looking forward to it Sean... CANT WAIT!!!

  2. Whoa!

    Can't wait!! Take your time though.