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February 2, 2012

Even The Viral Marketing For "Chronicle" Looks Bad Ass

I am really starting to get psyched for the upcoming film "Chronicle", which gets released tomorrow night. The teen superpower film certainly looks stylistic and the effects look to be very well done, so  naturally I want to see if the feature lives up to the hype of the trailer. But one thing is for sure and that is that the powers that be behind the film are definitely promoting it with some cool viral marketing. Thinkmodo was hired to simulate a "Flying Men" video around NY where they built 3 model airplanes into the shape of humans and flew them around NYC. The effect that is given truly looks like real people flying around things like the Brooklyn Bridge & the Statue of Liberty, which happens to be one of the powers the teens have in the film. It is amazing how realistic these models look. Very cool way to promote what looks to be a very cool film. We shall see tomorrow. check the promo video after the jump...

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