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February 2, 2012

Freddie Wong Uncovers The Secret Of The Fire Flower

Freddie Wong is the shit, 'nuff said. Kid got skills when it comes to making viral videos... no doubt about that. But every once and a blue him and his gang come up with a killer nerd concept that has to be highlighted. Not that his other videos aren't great, but they just have that certain geek appeal that makes them a must to re-blog. This weeks entry is one of those times. Check out Freddie as he journeys to find the sacred Fire Flower of Super Mario Brothers fame (he even travels via map, a la Indy!) and then figures out just how to use it's power. Unfortunately, things can't all go smooth. Keep 'em coming Freddie!!! Enjoy the video and the requisite "Making Of" video after the jump...

The Full Video:


The Behind The Scenes Video:

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