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November 11, 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Mash-Up King Marco D'Alfonso

I saw one piece of artists Marco D'Alfonso work over at Rampage Reality and I was very impressed... so I decided to dig a little deeper. My god am I glad I did! I love me some mash-ups, but Marco is one of the best I have ever seen at combing two properties together. I think the key is finding two properties that make sense together but are not the obvious choice... that is what brings it home. When you see the awesome mash-ups from Marco, you will see exactly what I mean. I am officially crowning him The Mash-up King... at least here on CCD he is!!! I hope you enjoy... click after the jump for all of them.

Tell us which ones you like the best in the comment section below:

Batman x Ghost (the movie)

Bane x Venom

Bizzaro x Super Grover

Ghost Rider x Vespa

Green Lantern x Yoshi

Jabba the Hutt x Biggie Smalls

Kill Bill x Reservoir Dogs

Optimus Prime x Krang

Poison Ivy x Piranha Plant 

Stark Industries x Astro Boy

The Walking Dead x Thriller

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