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June 2, 2011

'I'd Buy That...As a Tee!' Vol 11 by Jeff Bond

Feels like Summer..... and I could use a few new unique t-shirts to really make a statement without saying a word. A statement like "I'm a geek that doesn't take much of anything seriously...I'm approachable and easily abused."

Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the (my favoritest and most user friendly t-shirt contribution site) voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

It looks like Threadless just closed it's Summer Challenge but, there's quite a few unique designs with some time left on their voting clocks.

'Super Maui O' covers all the bases on a vacation themed plumber's holiday. Check out Starman's one-piece bathing suit...and Bullet Bill hanging ten.

I'm pretty sure there's no plausible science behind 'Surf to the Future'...but I like the design.

The evil Shredder has gotten into the warm weather fun in 'Turtle Trap'...."get 'em while they're young," I always say. ;)

...and speaking of traps, 'Captured' has the reds right where the green troops want 'em! I MUST have this T-Shirt. I MUST!!!

'Summer War' stirs up the nostalgia of a time inwhich all things could be settled with a full water pistol.

I'd most likely NEVER where these next two designs but, I LOVE their concepts and they gave me a chuckle.

First up, 'Bloodnade' serves up some human for a change.

...and 'Summer Surprise' draws back the trenchcoat to reveal the sun's naughty truth.

'Siren's Song' feels like summer with this delicious take on a famous 'Little Mermaid' or one bearing it's teeth in the latest installment of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Sexy-ass Fish!

Finally, who says Sith have no fun? 'Darth Summer' got Vader all decked out for the heatwave.

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