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June 2, 2011

X-Men: First Class Proves It's Quality In The Details

I know some people are concerned over the new X-Men movie. Is it going to continue with the continuity mistakes of it's predecessors, why are certain characters in it, etc. But they seemed to have gotten one thing right, and it's enough for me: January Jones playing Emma Frost!!!

Frost often walks around in lingerie and is the sex symbol of the Marvel Universe. Blonde, buxom, and almost always 3/4 naked, I wondered how they could portray this on the big screen:

So the first step was casting the stunning January Jones (from Mad Men and my dreams) as Frost. The Blonde Bombshell is a perfect fit. Next, they had to slut her up in some lingerie based outfits. Here are a few stills:

Yup... looks about right to me!!! I'm in. Midnight show tonite... whose coming with!!!!

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