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December 7, 2010

The Walking Dead... Gone Way To Soon!!!

So... I was going to post this on Monday, but I wanted to let a day pass for me to soak in the masterfulness (I don't think thats a word, but I don't give a fuck) that was the season 1 finale of The Walking Dead. It actually irks me to call the 6 & 1/2 episode mini series a "season", but thats what AMC is going with... so lets not argue semantics.

Rick & the crew...

I will say this. I am a huge fan of the original series (I read about the first 24 issues or so) and an even bigger fan of Robert Kirkman, the original comic book writer. The way he writes people is fanatstic. Perhaps the biggest mistake that people make is that this is a horror series. Sure, its based in horror, but it truly is a character study on human beings way more then just a shoot em up zombie adventure. But here is the catch: When they do the zombie stuff, they do it to death (literally)!!! There is no shortage of violence, gore and general zombie awesomeness on this show. Yet its all done in a wonderful context, and how the actions going on in this post apocalyptic world affect these survivors is pure harmony.

Issue #1... Where it all started

If I have one drawback on the show, its the fact that I have to wait until next October for the second "season". This can officially be called a "season" because we will have 13 episodes. I love this cast, especially Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. Thats my boy right there. Not to mention anytime someone finds a way to fit Norman Reedus into an ensemble cast, they are doing something right. Big ups to Frank Darabont and the crew for that one. Thanks for a great mini seri... er, I mean 1st season. Looking forward to much more to come!!! See you guys next October.

Zombie Attack!!!

Did you guys like season 1 of The Walking Dead? Tell us what you think about the show and where you thinks it stands in this seasons TV shows in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on a great show...

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  1. This show is simply amazing. Yes this season was way too short, but still so much happened. For me, the zombies were some of the best ever. The make-up, the blood (except in a couple of scenes where it was 100% computer generated), the eyes, all fantastic. I thought the twist on zombies smelling the living was something interesting and new. I never saw a zombie movie use that before.

    The crew that they had for this season was fantastic. The Dixon brothers? Great! I absolutely loved how you hated both brothers and wished that they would get offed by one of the other crew members. Then the scene with Glenn being kidnapped pops off and Daryl turns out to be a vital member, capturing one of the janitor's crew! And just before that, you start to feel bad that Merle cut his damn hand off to escape the pipes. I can't wait until we meet him again. He's going to be pissed (at T-Dog)!

    I didn't like that the crew called the zombies geeks. And it was weird because all of sudden they stopped calling them geeks and started calling them walkers, which for me is a much much better, traditional name.

    The whole janitor scene kind of bothered me too. They were all playing hardball and then grandma walks out and they are all best friends. Yeah I get it, and it turned out for the best, but come on.

    So overall I loved the show and I can not wait until October 2011 for the next season. Off to the comics to get my fill until then!