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October 25, 2010

A Very Hartter Halloween Art Presentation

Here are a few wonderful artitic works from friend of CCD's Hartter. These beauties are all in the vein of some creepy ass shit, so they fit well with the 1st Annual CCD All Horror Week theme. Click here to see more of Hartters wonderful artwork... Enjoy and tell us which ones you liked in the comment section below.

Howdy Doody Takes Out Some Serial Killer Puppets...

Godzilla vs. Cthulu... Who Ya Got???


My Pet Monster... 80's Status!!!

Man Thing Son... Fuck Swamp Thing!!!

The Creepy Ass Elf From Steven King's Cats Eye

Filmations Ghostbusters... With The Talking Gorilla!!!


  1. Good stuff! (By the way, Tracey the Gorilla never actually talked.)

  2. No??? I could have sworn he did... my bad. The My Pet Monster is bad ass as well, no???

  3. Awesome! Thanks for featuring my stuff!

  4. I fuckin' loved these!

    I wish they were in a coloring book so that i could relieve some stress coloring some of my horror favoritres.

    'Cats Eye' Elf? Amazing!

  5. These were just the ones I picked to highlight... you really gotta go check out his other stuff!!!

    @Hartter- Thank you for all this wonderful stuff... we have to get a CCD/Hartter Collabo going soon!!!!

  6. Yeah, it's good stuff. I've checked out his site before (actually, didn't I send it to you initially, Mike?)

    Freddy, Man-Thing, and My Pet Monster are my favorites of the bunch you've featured here. Good work, man! Oh, and the Cat's Eye elf. Nice one!!!