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October 25, 2010

Kats by Cal: CCD All Horror Week Edition Vol#1

If you are a regular reader of CCD, then chances are you have heard me mention Cal from Cal's Canadian Cave of Cool. The man runs an excellent website, and I am frequently chuckling throughout the day as I read his posts. One of my favorites is when he takes photos of kittens and adds hysterical captions to them. In honor of CCD's 1st Annual All Horror Week, Kal has donated a few of these posts that he made special for all you guys. Cute kittehs and scary shit... yes please!!! Click the link above to see the rest of his site. I hope you enjoy. Here we go:


  1. If it weren't for Cal's cats...I wouldn't like cats at all.

  2. I year later.... I feel the same way!