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August 25, 2010

Like! Like? Volume #4

Tiny Ronald feels a little 'McGuilty' in this aptly titled J. SalvadorDesign piece.

DEVIANT ARTist Bob Guy re-imagined the Joe team as CobrA Elite..and vicey-versey in hisss cutsey piece 'G.I. Joe Mirror Universe'. This piece literally had me lying awake at night wondering why I hadn't pondered this myself in my youth. I imagined a 'Jon Hamm' esque...raven haired, scar faced but superbly uniformed evil version of 'Duke'. A 'Destro' that had let his torturous family tradition of donning the traditional iron mask die with him and instead joined the forces of Joe-dom. (sigh) The possibilities are endless. Check  out all of Bob's original work over GotBob.

DEVIANT ARTist Mike P Mitchell has an interesting take one of my favorite Disney Superheroes in his piece 'DarkWing Duck'. When there's call D.W.!

DEVIANT ARTist Spice Master offers up this work of art entitled  'OVER THE RAINBOW', in which he re-imagines a girly favorite 'RAINBOW BRITE' as a glow stick twirling raver. Like?

Than SPICEMASTER tackled Strawberry Shortcake in his goth inspired 'STRAWBERRY REMIX'.

Wile I'm jockin' Spice Master so hard here's a work entitled 'CRAZY FOOL' homage to the great Mr. T..............

***Please click Read More below to see more Like! Like? from Jeff Bond***

.....and this piece that made me droolz....'MUSCLE' with the reigning champion M.U.S.C.L.E man of the toy line from our youth. 

Tired of SPICE MASTER's work? I certainly ain't. Here's a piece entitled 'ACTIVATE' featuring my favorite Wonder Twins Zan and Jana. My only regret is that he forgot their chimp companion 'Gleek', oh well. 

In his piece 'THE EVER-LIVING', SPICE MASTER envisions MUMM-RA as a chibi version of the THUNDERCAT'S chief nemesis. 

Just in time for the next installment of the Disney live action hit 'Tron', SPICE MASTER gives us 'END OF LINE' featuring the title character of the film.

Than there's 'VENGAR'. The villain from the Saturday morning CBS animated TV version of 'Dungeons and Dragons'

.....and the final SPICE MASTER piece I'm sweatin' this week comes from a short running cartoon 'The Bionic Six' this one is of the father and team leader 'BIONIC ONE'

DEVIANT ARTist Wil Woods imagines the odd duel between Joss Whedon's 'Dr. Horrible' and G.I. Joe's 'Dr. Mindbender' in his piece...well...'DR. MINDER vs. DR. HORRIBLE'.........

......then Mr. Woods shows us what it might look like if two of my favoritest villains, The Masters of the Universe's 'Skeletor' and G.I. Joe's tyrant 'Serpentor' in his piece 'SKELETOR vs. SERPENTOR'

Mr. Mike D did a more than exceptional coverage of the '3G Art Show', featuring works by noted artists envisioning scenes and characters from the films 'Goonies', 'Gremlins', and 'Ghostbusters' but I caught this incredible rendition of Ghostbuster 'WINSTON ZEDDEMORE' by Peter Wonsowski. It should be noted, also, that the Ectoplasm surrounding our hero glows green in the shape of a 'Z' fro Zeddemore when the lights go out. Delicious!

DEVIANT ARTist Patrick Brown has done a great job creeping me out with his rendition of Michael C. Hall as Showtime's Dexter Morgan in his piece entitled 
'DEXTER: THE DARK DEFENDER'....say that ten times fast.....with your mouth gagged and your head saran-wrapped to a gurney.

Patrick Brown also has the last laugh with Batman and Joker piece 'WHY SO SERIOUS'.

DEVIANT ARTist and talented cartoonist Matt Moylan has remarkable take on my favorite G.I. Joe villains in his piece entitled 'COBRA III'

DEVIANT ARTist Dave Reynolds under the name Machsabre has a super interpretation of the caped crusaders sexier alternative in his piece 'STEAMPUNK BATGIRL'

Speaking of Batman, DEVIANT ARTist Charles Holbert posting as Kid Notorious does the Batman justice with these two works. The first stood out to me for many reasons but, not the least of all being that The Riddler pictured center kinda reminded me of the end scene in 'Silence of the Lambs' when Dr. Lecter walks off into the sunset, donning his fedora and kill again. 



The Super Mario Bros. et. al. have never looked much better than in Holbert's work

'WAY OF THE TURTLE'...nuff said

.....ready for your closeup Raphael?

'MOJO JOJO' gets a very monkey-tastic makeover.

Mr. Skellington, I presume....

Evil in a B cup...


DEVIANT ARTist Cliff Rathburn Cliff Rathburn does some brilliant work with Zombifying my favorite icons sci- fi. 





And, finally this week, DEVIANT ARTist Gavin Mackey posted some unbelievably creepy and fantastical takes on Nintendo's Pokemon under the pseudonym 'Soup and Butter' . Check the corners of each to compare them to the originals and Click the link for more of his work.











Another art-filled week. Hope you all enjoyed and maybe even found yourself inspired to pick up a pencil, marker or brush and do some creating of your own. Remember, if you do, feel free to forward your works of art over to me to include in a future post. (send to

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  1. Love love love 'McGuilty, all around a great installment.