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August 25, 2010

OHC Of The Day: Riley Steele

When I started to figure out who would be the Obscure Hot Chick of the Day this week, I was drawing a blank. Last weeks pick, Rooney Mara, was a bit easier due to her huge casting as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Then I remembered watching the "For Your Consideration" for Piranha 3-D clip that we posted last week, and there was a young blonde that had a familiar face that I knew I had seen somewhere. Where was this fresh faced actress from??? Well, after a few wiki searches I came to the conclussion that I was recognizing Riley Steele not because of some great acting gig I had seen her in, but rather because she is an up an coming (no pun intended) porn star that is frequently seen with adult film star Jesse Jane. Now before everybody gets in a tizzy about me putting a porn star up here as an up and coming actress, let me explain. Do to the cross over appeal of porn actresses like Jenna Jameson and the recent success that porn starlet Sasha Grey has had starring in a Stephen Soderberg movie (The Girlfriend Experience) and HBO's Entourage, its not so shocking that adult actresses are being cast in mainstream parts. Especially in legitimate films that require nudity or sex scenes, why not get a porn star??? Real actresses are reluctant to do nudity, and if the movie calls for it (Soderberg's movie was about a call girl, so there is plenty of nudity even though its a well done film) you know what you are getting with an adult actress. Riley is in the wildly successful campy Piranha 3-D and there is no denying that she has some pretty features... but can she act??? Thats certainly to be debated, but to be honest there ae plenty of "real" actresses that can't act either. Thats why I chose to feature her. No nudity here fellas, if you want that you know where to find porn on the net... but there is no shortage of pics from the set of Piranha in which she is in the blue bikini, and plenty of other swimsuit shots. Enjoy the pics, and I would love to hear everybodies comments on the infiltration of porn stars into mainstream Hollywood movies. Lets hear it everybody.

*** Please click Read More below to see the rest of Riley's Pics***


  1. I haven't seen the movie yet. But I don't think anyone is going for a Oscar winning performance... but after I see where she "CAME" from I'm probably going to waste $15.50 on yet another 3-d movie....

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