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May 12, 2010

Like! Like? Volume #5

 In the 'Legend of Zelda' game for the original Nintendo Entertainment
System, there were these little evil-doers which resembled a delicious
stack of buttery pancakes and whose sole mission were to suck you dry of a hard earned weapon you had just paid mucho rupees for. These fortunate little bottom-feeders were called Like-Likes. That is why I decided to name a new feature article I will be preparing for 'Cultural Compulsive Disorder' after them. Like the fortunate bottom-feeder that I am, I will be scouring the blogosphere for loose related images, video clips, and articles that I found interesting, exciting, or maddening on other blogsites. Things that someone else has, no doubt, painstakingly worked on for weeks, even months, yet I will show no remorse borrowing from them and regurgitating on C-C-D, for you guys to appreciate as well, with all due credit given to it's origins, of course. Things that they liked...and I I'd like to see if you like. So without further ado, I give you "Like!-Like?"

Director Gus Van Sant did an article with Madonna for a recent 'Interview' Magazine spread. The article delves mostly into Madonna's recent movie making and philanthropic efforts but the photos are delicious and Madonna is looking a lot like the Madonna I was first introduced to in the '80s in them. maybe it's just the religious undertones

....Like! Like?

Artist EdComics posted an original piece of artwork at Deviant Art combining Spiderman Villain 'Venom' with God of War video game character Kratos. The result, of course is 'Kratos Venom'

....Like! Like?

Walt Disney has released a lot of great teaser photos for the upcoming Tron sequel, 'Tron Legacy'.

...Like! Like?

Actress Christina Hendrick's from AMC's 'MADMEN' recently did a spread for 'Esquire' Magazine. I gotta be honest. I haven't read the article yet. I will though I promise.

....Like! Like?

Some fun morsels NOT just designed for gelatinous creatures to ingest. Like! Like?


  1. Dig that Madonna/Van Sant spread. I'm gonna try and get my hands on that issue. Very cool, JB.

  2. The Cristina Hendricks issue only had one picture of her. Dissapointing! She's got some set!

  3. TRON2!!! My most anticipated sci-fi flick of 2010.....LIKE!

    Cristina Hendricks(check out her interview in The NewYorker)my new girl crush....LIKE!


  4. @Tommy-the online Esquire article has a ton of photos. Each one more delicious than the next. the link if you haven't already. tougher to take into the bathroom though. I know.

    @Briana-What was Tron 1 about? I never seen it.

    Thanks for takin' the time out for the support, my peoples! 'til next time.

  5. Jeff.. i hate you. Never saw TRON??? And you call yourself a nerd... you should be ashamed of yourself. LOL. Bri, great minds think alike... TRON 2 is my most anticipated movie of the YEAR!!!!! Plus, that hendricks chick got some bags... wowsers!!!