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May 12, 2010

Just A Couple of Songs To Get Your Summer Started

I just was thinking about the fact that summer was right around the corner, and just like most years I am really excited... here are a couple of songs that I know are gonna be huge this summer. You will be sure to hear these tunes over and over again... trust me. Enjoy!

Travis McCoy - Billionaire

Gyptian ft. Nikki Minaj - Hold Yuh Remix


  1. Billionaire, not bad. I miss the older Gym Class Heroes albums. Currently up Asher Roth. Next. The Papercut Chronicles and then As Cruel as School Children.

    Gyptian? This song hurts my ears.

  2. Gyptian's older tunes are much sweeter. As a fan of him & reggae in general (the more rootsy stuff, not that dancehall shit), this tune is too radio friendly for me.

    I enjoyed that Billionaire tune. I just might download it. Illegally.

  3. I disagree with you guys, respectfully of course. KMG, Gysptian is the man. I don't think this song is a typical radio song, they just grabbed a hold of it and now it will get murdered. He sings one of my all time favorite songs "Serious Times" Great Tune... Joe, we gotta take what we could get... wish they would make another quality Gym Class album, but I am VERY INTERESTED in Travey's solo joint. We'll see.. Joe, check the Nikki Minaj remix of the gyptian song... I know you love some Lil wheezy, and she is his artist...

  4. Never said Gyptian wasn't the man, holmes. I love him. I saw him many years ago perform at SOB's in the city. And Serious Times is his best joint on his My Name is Gyptian album, but the album as a whole is very strong. Hold Yuh, isn't bad by any means, just doesn't feel like his usual stuff. Ya dig?