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September 18, 2017

The Jacked Kirby Podcast- Episode #9: Introducing... The Great Arlen Schumer!

While our intrepid hosts Tommy Lombardozzi and Mike D certainly know a bunch about Jack Kirby, its always nice to have an EXPERT in the house! The guys turn to friend of the podcast and all around great guy Arlen Schumer for some help considering he is an expert on various forms of pop culture... especially Silver Age comic books! We sit down and talk about a ton of topics related to the King with Arlen, and the results were amazing. No topic is off the table... especially Arlen's massive hatred for "Lee Lemmings" (people who think Stan Lee was more important to the creation of the Marvel Universe instead of Jack or Ditko.)

Check it out after the jump....  

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Show Notes:

Guests: Tommy Lombardozzi, Mike D & Arlen Schumer

Outro Music:

Kirby  Konnections 

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