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May 30, 2016

Who's Ready To Bust Some Ghosts With BBQ Films & CCD?

Yeah boy, it is that time again! BBQ Films is gearing up for their next immersive cinematic event, and this time they need YOU to help out with their biggest challenge yet... Are you guys ready to bust some ghosts???

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BBQ Films is back with their next great event, a recreation of the famed Ghostbusters Headquarters from the Sony Pictures film franchise! The BBQ crew will be bringing you into the world of Ghostbusters by completely recreating the famed HQ of the team. And the best part is that they are recruiting new members... think you got what it takes to bust some ghosts with the big boys?

This is one of the biggest events BBQ has ever done, and CCD is happy to be a part of the team behind this amazing event. The show will take place at the Villain event space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn over an astounding 4 DAYS!!!! The quest for new Ghostbusters begins on Wednesday June 8th at 7 pm and will continue with 7pm showtimes on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday there will be a special matinee ALL AGES show starting at 1 pm... and a finale Saturday night performance at 7pm! That is 5 different chances for you to come down and join the squad... what do you say? Tickets are available HERE.

And if you need more reasons to come out and join us:

  • Hi-C Ecto Cooler is back, and Hi-C is an official sponsor of the event. That means all the delicious cocktails and drinks being served will have that neon green drink at their core!
  •  A screening of the 1984 classic Sony Film Ghostbusters on a HUGE screen
  • Tutorials on ghost capture by paranormal specialists in order to train a new team of Ghostbusters
  • One of CCD's own artists will be on site to record one of a kind eyewitness sketches of ghost descriptions from guests at the show... and you get to KEEP the original drawings!
  • Come see the real Ecto-1 used in the movie as well as other props from the franchise on display throughout the headquarters. 
  • There will be fun Ghostbuster themed giveaways and posters for all that attend!
Back in the day they asked the audience "Who Ya Gonna Call?" to come provide help against the spiritual menace plaguing the city... an the answer to that question is simple; We are calling YOU! Some come out and see the whole BBQ Films and CCD family for another great event. This one is going to be EPIC! 


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