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July 1, 2016

The CCD Podcast: Episode #96 - 1996: Most Important Movie Year Ever?

The film industry has come along way since the days of Charlie Chaplin and silent films. It has become a multi billion dollar industry that is the #1 primary source for long form entertainment. Over 300 feature films are released every year in theaters, and even more are released direct to the audience via DVD/Blu Ray and On Demand. But when did the tide really turn for the film industry? Was it with the launch of Jaws (what most people call the first summer blockbuster) in 1975? Was it 1989, the year that most people say saw the release of some of the greatest films in modern history (batman, Lethal Weapon 2, Back to The Future 2, The Little Mermaid)... but Rob Martin and Leland James do their best to convince you that in fact 1996 is the year that is most important to the current state of the film industry. They bring up such cinematic game changing gems as Independence Day, Twister , Fargo, Trainspotting, Mission Impossible, The Rock, Romeo & Juliet, Happy Gilmore, Mars Attacks and of course the cinematic classic The Phantom (I see you Billy Zane!). It really was a game changing year... let the guys convince you if you don't believe us!     

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